Volunteering FAQ

I’d like to apply. Will you consider my resume?

No. If you want to volunteer, you must fill out and submit a volunteer application online. Volunteers are only considered based on the information they provide in the online application and any information on previous MVAAFF Film Festival Volunteer experience.

I’m having problems submitting my online application. What do I do?

Email us. We strongly prefer applications be submitted online, but if special circumstances require, we do have paper, a printer, and mail. We can actually send it to you. We’re pretty nice around here.

What if I’m not 21?
This is a hard and fast policy we cannot work around. You really must be 21 as of January 20, 2012, to volunteer for the 2012 MVAAFF Film Festival. Even if you’re really mature for your age, it’s just not going to cut it. We will verify your ID before you can check in.

What if I’m from a land far, far, away?

We welcome a diverse group of volunteers from around the globe. You will be considered in the application process just as any other volunteer and notified within the same timeframe. The details of your passport, travel, etc. will be entirely your responsibility.

I’ve volunteered before for the MVAAFF. What do I do to apply for 2012?

If you’ve volunteered in the past, we consider you an Alumni Volunteer and if all went well, we would love to have you back.

When will I hear about my application?

We process applications starting in December all the way through the end of May; they are not reviewed based on the date of your application. We fill open positions starting with qualified Alumni Volunteers, then new volunteers, and will inform applicants of their status throughout the process. Some positions are filled later depending on when that department’s manager starts. We especially understand your need to make travel arrangements and our need to make the Festival happen, so we’ll get you assigned as quickly as we can. We will work diligently to inform Full-Time. All volunteers will be notified of their status by February 3, 2012.


If I am a local volunteer, can I work all of my required hours before the Festival?

First off, see the details on the Volunteer Positions on the applications. We love all the help our local volunteers can provide pre-Festival. However, you must work at least 24 hours during the 10 days of the Festival to be eligible to receive any volunteer incentives such as vouchers. The Festival is when we need you the very most!

How do I use my credential to get into screenings?

A Volunteer Pass (for volunteers giving 80 hours) provides entry to Festival screenings and panels on a volunteer space-available basis. Staff and volunteers will be admitted on a space-available basis to the Staff and Volunteer Screenings, no vouchers required! (Credential or photo ID is required for admittance.)

Will I be able to change my shift times 
Full-Time Volunteers agree to be available as assigned by the Festival?
Sign-Up Volunteers are able to sign up for available shifts in advance of the Festival. From there, in the mind of the Volunteer Department, you are committed to fulfilling your shifts. There are systems in place, however, to change your shift times, which will be detailed at the volunteer orientation and in the volunteer handbook. When committing to shifts you should also be sure to take into account travel times and your ability to travel in inclement weather. As always, change and flexibility are large components of a successful Festival, so we are happy to work with you as situations arise – just contact us! (Advance notice is also always nice!)

What if I change my mind?
What if I can’t make it to the Festival after all?
Once accepted, volunteers will sign an agreement committing to the volunteer position they have been offered. If you are signing and committing to the volunteer agreement, you should have no reason that you know of that you cannot volunteer. The deadline for final cancellations is However, change has been known to happen, and volunteers need to inform us by the cancellation deadline to allow us time enough to fill the position again. Volunteers who cancel after the deadline will jeopardize their ability to volunteer in the future. Of course, extreme circumstances may negate following the deadline. In such extreme cases, please contact the Volunteer Department as soon as possible to discuss your situation with a staff member.


Can I take a friend to the screenings?
The easy answer is to get your friend to volunteer! Benefits, such as volunteer vouchers and credentials, are provided to allow Festival Volunteers access to films. We work to reserve tickets specifically for volunteers and wouldn’t want a hardworking volunteer to be turned away because too many volunteers brought their (slacker) friends. Volunteer film access is meant to be a benefit specifically for volunteer use. The challenges of available volunteer seating, timing volunteer ticketing with waitlist ticketing, and scalping have made it too difficult to accommodate volunteers’ friends at screenings. We are able to provide some vouchers to volunteers for guests to use to eliminate the cost of a waitlist ticket. Guest vouchers will only be provided to volunteers upon their completion of 40 volunteer hours, and to volunteers giving 80+ hours but to whom the Festival is not providing lodging.

How do I get into parties?

Full-Time Volunteers will have access to parties on a first come basis

What about food?

Every morning bagels are available at registration for volunteers. You will also receive $10.00 a day towards food. You must give the Volunteer coordinator your receipt each day to receive your stipend.