2012 Film Festival Winners


The Annual Run&Shoot Filmworks Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival (MVAAFF) honors the best and the brightest in African-American film and cinematography.

The CNN Outstanding Documentary award. This inaugural award was given to director
Deborah Riley Draper for her compelling documentary on the first
African-American supermodels. Versailles 73’American Runway Revolution.

The slate of 2012 MVAAFF Honors were awarded to:

Saatchi &Saatchi ‘Nothing is Impossible Producers’ Award
WOLF directed by Ya’ke
Smith, is a compelling feature that deals with molestation and the church.

HBO Short Film
The Tombs directed by Jerry
LaMothe is a gripping short film about a Brooklyn man’s three day journey
through New York’s infamous central booking jail system and the interesting
personalities he encounters, while incarcerated.

HBO Feature Film
- The Last Fall directed by
Matthew Cherry takes a look at a professional football journeyman struggles as
he deal with life’s complexities after his professional career is over.

HBO Documentary
The Contradictions of Fair Hope
directed by S.Epatha Merkerson & Rockell Metcalf “There is a heaven
side and a hell side: which side will you be on?”

The Rances’, Keisha Taylor(CNN), Sheldon Levy(Saatchi&Saatchi),
and Lucinda Martinez (HBO) presented the statues to the honorees amidst a crowd
at the Martha’s Vineyard performing Arts Center. “It is exciting to be a part
of the festival and see the very creative and compelling work that the filmmakers
are presenting,” said Martinez.

“HBO is always interested in supporting the efforts of these great
artists emerging from our community who can deliver work that is entertaining,
educational and very relevant.”

“Winning the Saatchi & Saatchi Award was a very pleasant
surprise! When you pour your blood, sweat and tears into a project, it is
validating and exciting when people recognize the hard work and being
recognized by Saatchi & Saatchi is a testament that hard work does pay off!”
stated Ya’ke Smith.

“It is an honor to be a recipient of the HBO Best Feature Film Award
at the 2012 Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival. There were a lot
of great filmmaker in competition this year and it was an honor to be included
in the same field of such outstanding individuals at one of the premiere film
festivals in the country.” stated Matthew Cherry.

“After the well attended and highly anticipated HBO short film
concluded, it was time for the award ceremony. All of the
sponsor’s nominees and finalists, were acknowledged and now it was time to
announce the winners. S. Epatha (Contradictions of Fair Hope) and I, have been
doing the festival circuit. In Martha’s Vineyard, we were all sitting just one
row from one another (little NY click), and had finally got a chance to see
each other’s work. All of the filmmakers at the festival shared a camaraderie
and was genuinely rooting/supporting of one another. When her name was called
for best HBO documentary, everyone sprung up and rejoiced.

When THE TOMBS was called, it cemented a special and
memorable moment, not just for myself, but for the entire group around me. HBO
has always been a key staple for me that sets a bar surpassed by none, in terms
of quality and content. It was truly an honor to be recognized by them and the
festival. Thank you Stephanie and Floyd! I’ll most certainly be back!!!” said
Jerry LaMothe