Submission FAQ

What Exhibition Formats do you accept?
IMPORTANT: We are only able to play DVD exhibition format. Please note we do not screen on Blu-Ray or HDCam-SR.

I want to make sure my film looks as good as possible, so please tell me the aspect ratio in which you screen?
The film is presented in wide screen.

How is the film projected?
The film is projected on a Sony 4K projector.

How will my film SOUND in the theater? What system do you have for sound?
5.1 digital. The sound will play mono stereo in all speakers.

Do we pay for the shipment of our films?
You pay to ship your film to the festival; If you prefer to collect your film after your last screening at the festival, please let us know.

Can you explain my screening schedule and the competition eligibility?
Competition status is determined by our judges.

I have marketing materials and I want to spread the word about my film. What can I do to promote my film?
We encourage you to take the initiative on the PR and marketing outreach for your film. Our media partners will be advertising the festival at large, but we do not commit to highlighting any individual films. Any marketing materials will be made and purchased by you and distributed at your discretion. Flyers, postcards, and other materials are encouraged. Please think about potential grassroots marketing campaign ideas for your film, and any potential local partnerships so we can help you maximize your grassroots marketing efforts by joining forces with other local organizations that may be interested in your film specifically.

I have posters — where can I put them up to market my film?
You may place 1 poster at the front of the theatre entrance, 1 hour before your screening time on an easel, no sooner. You cannot store your posters at the theater so please plan accordingly.

How many tickets will I receive for each screening?
Each participating film will receive 1 complimentary All Access Pass and 1 ticket to their screening. Additional tickets can be purchased at registration.

What if I need additional passes beyond the 1 complimentary All Access pass?
Filmmakers will be able to purchases All Access passes for a discounted rate.

How much do tickets cost?
Tickets for individual screenings cost $15.00.

When will the website be current with my film info?
The MVAAFF website will be current after JULY 1st.

Is there a Q&A after, if so how long is the Q&A?
Yes, you will be able to introduce your film briefly, as well as have a 10­‐minute Q&A after the screening. We encourage as many cast/crew as possible in attendance. Please let us know who will be in attendance from your film so we can plan accordingly.