Title: A Beautiful Resistance: Black joy, Black lives, as celebrated by

The Boston Globe culture columnist Jeneé Osterheldt

We are more than police brutality and suffering. We can acknowledge injustice without being defined that way. Blackness is not a burden. A Beautiful Resistance tells our stories and our struggles, too, through a lens of love. We do stories. We do poetry. We do dance. Joy belongs to us and we belong to each other. A Beautiful Resistance amplifies the truths of Black folk and other people of color living as their fullest selves in a region, in a country, set up to keep them from doing just that. Their joy is a form of resistance. 


Join us for a discussion with creator Jeneé Osterheldt and screen two episodes, the season one premiere, Water is a Beautiful Resistance,, showcasing Oak Bluffs, where Black folk cultivated their own beach community, a place of black luxury and summer joy; then enjoy a preview – and special director’s cut –  of our season two episode, The Beautiful Resistance of Kim Janey, the first Black person and the first woman to be mayor in Boston.


Directors: Jeneé Osterheldt and Caitlin Healy

RT:  75 mins

The Boston Globe culture columnist Jeneé Osterheldt