Title:  Letter To A Nation

Directed by Taylor Kampia

In his debut solo release, GP Jackson delivered Letter to a Nation, a soul-stirring song created against the backdrop of COVID-19 and ongoing racial injustices in America. The song acknowledges the deep grief, anger, and pain many are feeling, while opening the door for reconciliation and healing. The video was released December, 14, 2020, unintentionally on the first day vaccines began to be distributed to healthcare workers in the US. Featured in the video, is the stunning public art display of Suzanne Firstenberg, creator of In America: Remember, which tallies the heartbreaking toll this pandemic has had on the country through personalized flags dedicated to loved ones. GP’s video has been featured by businesses, non-profits, churches, and even schools. Created in partnership with the dynamic women-owned Make A Scene Media, GP hopes the video will inspire individuals to give voice to their concerns for human-kind and the world around them.